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And Happy New Year!!! I hope you all started an amazing and exciting 2014. It’s very exciting in this side. This year I’m embarking in something I’ve been incubating for a while, and made it a New Year’s resolution: blogging. The time has come where I feel I’ve accumulated knowledge and experiences that I would love to share and get connected with people with similar interests. New Year is a great time to start this kind of projects, I have the energy and want to create a space for us to think and share about this topic. In addition I’ll be blogging about other passions that are intimately related to mitochondrial function, such as health and exercise.

I am a biochemist in deep love with Mitochondria, the power houses of the cell. As a researcher at the Pennsylvania State University, I study how mitochondria express their genome. Did you know that mitochondria have their own genome? Yes, and its expression is crucial for these organelles that produce most of the energy that feeds all the cellular functions and therefore, organs and systems in the body, ultimately our health. You bet, mind your mitochondria! This blog is about that, sharing the science that amazes us about the many crucial functions of mitochondria and how we can take better care of ourselves while minding our mitochondria.

I hope down the road we all come to appreciate better the importance of mitochondria and become really “mitochondriacs”! I would love for us to feel healthy, strong, energized and happy, so we can pursue our wildest dreams, with the same energy as we start the New Year ; -) Stay tuned, connected and energized!

Happy New Year and Resolutions ; -)