Happy weekend!

I’m enjoying this weekend a lot! I really needed it. Last weekend of course was exciting but after a trip I need some rest as well. It’s really nice to be able to stay and home and feel, through the senses…

Today I feel excited and joyful, my senses are telling about spring: the sound of the rain in the morning (snow is so quiet, lovely, but silent), the sun shining a little bit brighter this afternoon, the buds in the plants outside, the indoor plants bend towards the window, claiming their natural right to thrive, the raise beds visible again, the cat finally taking a walk outside, the mint smell of an awakening plant, and the memory of the sound of the rain this morning…

I perceive a lot through my eyes, maybe many of us do. Today it felt so different, I think the rain made the big difference.  Perceiving through another sense… Winter in Happy Valley, in the North East of the US, can be long and harsh. Sometimes, around December there is a whole month in which we might not see the sun. Days are short and by the time I leave work, no matter how much I try to work efficiently, it’s already dark. Snow is quiet beautiful, waking up after a snowing night is very pretty, peaceful, quiet, soothing, very silent… As my friend Jennifer would say, ideally for hibernation and good books. So true!

photoThis winter we had very low temperatures, in the single digits in Fahrenheit (crazy cold -20 C!), and a couple of snow storms with accumulation of several inches. It’s really getting time for Spring… As we slowly transition out of hibernation, still enjoying the many interesting books that I want to read, it feels really nice to experience the awakening of other senses… I can’t wait to smell or savor later the Spring and Summer, but also want to stay present, enjoying each moment. So now I enjoy the new sounds, the rain, soon maybe some birds singing, the awakening of senses and the promise of Spring.

Have a beautiful weekend!