Hello Friends!

It is one of those days… when starting to write was a little bit challenging. With Internet becoming the blossoming garden of information and independent ideas one tends to get trapped on “What should I say?”. Back to the lessons from the mat (https://fernandalodeiro.wordpress.com/2014/01/17/succeeding-with-new-years-resolutions/) I found myself with these limiting beliefs, “I don’t have anything ‘new‘ to say”, or “that topic as already been discussed”, you know… we’ve all been there.

I’m in a moment in my life where I need to find clarity in a couple of personal issues. I’m blessed to have the right mentors as I like to call them, lovely, compassionate and kicking-a…. agh! (not sure if it’s within blogging etiquette) angels that want me to be happy and are amazingly supporting. Yet clarity comes from a very deep place, from the soul. As I’m trying to connect more with that Inner Guidance I’m much more open, and ask and listen.

Today, in my morning meditation, I set the intention to find some clarity. Despite the meditation was focused on peace, I brought my intention and trusted that peace will allow for clarity. (By the way, if you are looking into starting meditating or want a twist in your practice, check out Davidji at SoundCloud for the most soothing and lovely voice and beautiful meditations, it’s also free. https://soundcloud.com/davidji). A couple of associations happened during the meditation and I got some clarity. White clear as the snow covering Happy Valley (yes, the spring promise was just a promise, I told you, we have long winters, and this one is harsh. See picture…) it came for me Mother and Mitochondria.photo

Mitochondria are kind of ‘mothers’ in a way, a symbolic way, and with all the respect and love to the caring and loving fathers out there (you are the sweetest ;-). I made this analogy: that despite mitochondria are thought as ‘one’ organelle they are an extensive net spread over the cell (https://fernandalodeiro.wordpress.com/2014/01/17/succeeding-with-new-years-resolutions/) like a super multitasking mother. They nourish us with energy they make out of what they are provided, they have a complex and efficient way to clean and get rid of free radicals that can damage us, they talk back to the nucleous to inform adjustments that need to be made to keep things running smoothly (there is a fascinating area of research going on known as Nuclear-Mitochondria Crosstalk). Mitochondria are maternally-transmitted, meaning they are transmitted to the progeny only by the mother (when the spermatozoid fertilizes the oocyte it contributes the nuclear genetic material but doesn’t bring mitochondria, with few exceptions). Mitochondria are pretty amazing providers and caregivers, like mothers in a way. I also reflected about my mother and the many ways she has been and continues to be loving, caring, supporting, and my ubber special genius guardian angel. Maybe I should start calling her Mitomom…

I know the topic of mother can be a hard one, not everybody had a beautiful experience with this. I hope whatever is the situation we can focus on the good things we got out of our experiences, and acknowledge where else outside home we’ve been “mothered”, loved and cared, and where we can do the same for others. Life is not perfect, it’s life, and we are here to be happy, no matter what.

Wishing you a beautiful week.