Yes, we are in March, already! And school heads to the Spring break. Not that research stops when classes stop for the break, but I’ll take it. Spring break is a week break in classes in schools in the US (not sure if this happens around the world). Students go back home or travel, sometimes abroad to enjoy one week, recharge batteries and return to finish up their semester. I guess professors, instructors and teachers also enjoy this break. In a town which activity happens around the student life and the sports associated with that Spring break is felt by all.
The cafeteria closes earlier, the University gym has an amended schedule and everything feels calmer and slower. It feels almost like an invitation to take a break as well. As we get into the year and some projects start to pick up, we start new projects, we get excited about the so close Spring and what we would like to do in our gardens and homes it feels good to take a moment and have a “break”.

I see this break as a good time to quiet the busy mind and reassess and if needed recalibrate. How am I doing? Where am I with my goals? How is my research going? Am I on track? Do I need to redirect laser focus to an specific area? Do I need to catch up with some reading? And what about in general, do I need to put more energy in some area? Am I still sticking to my New Year resolutions? Have I fell off in any area where I need to recommit? Am I making time for the important things in life? And the list keeps going…

Many times we rush, we do, we attempt, we try again, we keep going, we stress out, we burn out and then, we are too drained to have good performance and enjoy what we do. Hey, of course a break is a great idea. But it doesn’t have to be a trip to the beach, although it would be nice 😉 What about just taking a little bit of time to breath slowly, enjoy the calm around and take a look at how things are going? For me that is super valuable. I know Spring is around the corner, days are getting longer, saving time begins this weekend and we have an extra hour of light on the evening. With more light I always feel I have more energy. Perfect timing to go within, check how are things going and recalibrate as needed so I can better enjoy this surge of light and energy. In the mean time I get to enjoy the birds singing, the above freezing temperatures and getting home to see the sunset. I take this as my Spring Break!!!

Have a beautiful weekend and, if you want, Spring Break as well!Image