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In the North hemisphere the calendar announced Spring. It still feels cold in the northeast part of the US, but we are getting closer šŸ˜‰

This week I reflected a lot about my feelings for Spring. It’s in a way quite different to the South hemisphere. There, Spring starts in September and it coincides with the student’s day. Yes, we have one for that in Argentina. I remember when I was in high school in my hometown, there was a picnic celebration in the park. Later when I lived in Buenos Aires there still would be a picnic in El Rosedal, at Palermo. Spring is a time for celebration, coming out of the hibernation, getting ready to enjoy spending more time in nature.

Somehow I like it a lot in the North hemisphere. You start the New Year with so many projects and resolutions, hopes and dreams. As we hit March days become longer, day light saving time begins, snow melts, birds return to the area and little by little it starts feeling warmer. It’s just such a perfect boost of energy! A time to re-evaluate what is going well, where we can put some more energy, where we need to bring more vision, and where we need more actions, all while we stay committed to our dreams and mission.

This week I enjoyed being more relaxed, still excited about my projects, but at points I doubted. Am I really going to make this happen? Am I totally committed? Is this really part of my mission? Is this what I am supposed to do? We all go through these moments, in which what we were longing so madly for becomes available and then we doubt, and we start asking all these “really” good questions. Really?

Really, it is like asking for certainty, for security, for safety. Yes, we do need that. But we also need a little bit of variety. We need significance, and we need love and connection. We need to find the balance between having our needs fulfilled and living at the edge of our comfort zone, where we experience growth and purpose. Of course I would have not made it up to here if this wasn’t my ‘real’ path. I wouldn’t have had the life experiences, the guidance, the mentors I have had if this wasn’t my path, really.

So as I shake the winter off, I reflect what a better and more beautiful time to get to the edge of my comfort zone AGAIN than this Spring?

Sunset 2013 copy

After work, as I enjoyed the warmth of the Sun in my face while admiring a sunset I promised that I will continue to conquer the always changing edges of my comfort zone to bring my dreams to reality. It will require work, optimism, trust, dedication, and energy, as always…I welcome the warmth and energy of this New Spring to bathe me, nourish me (and pump up my mitochondria šŸ˜‰ as I keep walking my path, bringing up the gifts I’ve been given. I must do it, and I will.

How is it going for you? What is this Spring bringing up for you? What is coming up for you wherever you are? Leave comments!

It is my wish that this Spring brings warmth, light and blooming in each area of your life. Happy Spring!