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Hello Dear Friends!

It’s Sunday night. Here is my one awesome tip to get ready for a beautiful week: Gratitude. For the last two to three years I’ve been working in developing a deeper sense of Gratitude, and the tool I’ve been using is “Count your blessings”. Over these 2 and a half years I’ve been counting countless of blessings. As I got better at it, I saw a huge shift in my levels of happiness and appreciation and also I saw several relationships improve as I approach each person I come across as a kind human being that has a lesson to teach me. At the beginning I would count 3 blessings a day, but soon I started writing long lists of blessing, what a blessing! I filled journals, I shared them, and somebody very special in my life ranked # 1 as far as my statistics go 😉

Having rewired my brain for the good, I allowed myself to count my blessings once a week if things get too busy, and that happens on Sunday evenings. So here are some:

I’m jumping up and down from my vitamin D intake this weekend!!! Spring has set in Happy Valley in beautiful Pennsylvania and finally we are getting some more sun and higher temperatures. Ah!

Today I started phase I of my garden, the mighty greens: arugula, kale, spinach and lettuce mix. The soil was loose because the recent rains and it felt so relaxing to get back in contact with the dirt, oh yeah!!!

Also, a successful experiment: I assembled an Adirondack chair and enjoyed trying it while letting the sun bathe my face, how beautiful.

Despite I wasn’t able to get the dog I wanted last week, I was able to play with my neighbor’s dogs, Chloe my next door dog neighbor barked at me to let that chair wait for a moment to come and play. My neighbor who just got a puppy stopped by to say hi and shared a lot of dog experience that make me feel maybe we can still get a dog. I also talked to my other good neighbor and made arrangements to host an Egg hunt next weekend in our yards. Bottom line: feeling happy about the connection with the community where I live.

I got the enjoy the birds and their tweets, a beautiful sunset and grilled food.

I spent time exercising with a friend in a fun 90 min ride class. Also I got to spent time in a workshop with my fitness family 😉

This week I got in contact with amazing people for my growth and development, and feel very happy to be supported and lovingly challenged.

I enjoyed working with colleagues and students in the lab and being able to provide advice, resources and trust makes me feel very fulfilled.

My husband and I have been going through moments of vulnerability for different reasons and independently of each other. We’ve been supportive and encouraging to each other and as things are resolving for each of us we feel blessed and get to share the joy. Also we got invited to visit an aunt and spend time at a beach. Sweet! Love and family and a vacation week, at the beach!!!

As I reflect on these blessings, I see that the key to all is setting a clear and powerful intention: I choose to see the blessings, I choose top create sustainable happiness. As we do so, it seems there is always more to come and I usually find myself astonished in front of some unexpected blessing, opening in front of my eyes, sometimes even without my intervention, if that thing exist… (I actually think we intervene by what we put out)…

As this beautiful flower I found in my garden that maybe somebody else planted before me….


“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”. Anaïs Nin.

Can you see life through the gratitude lenses? I encourage you to do so. I bet you’ll start seeing more and more openings in front of your eyes, and blessings blooming in your life.

Have a beautiful week!