Today it is a beautiful very special day… How to start?

It’s a beautiful sunny day and that’s unbelievably uplifting, you’ll see why in a minute.

It’s Spring, the time in the year for new beginnings, new projects, be reborn, blooming, and give birth.

It’s Easter, in the Christian tradition a time for celebration, when we overcome death, time of resurrection, and ascension. Phoenix time!

It’s my dad’s 95th birthday… and he’s not with me… but he is. (It was pouring the day he died and it has taken me a lot of energy to learn to love the rainy days).

Recently, while journeying on my mission path, I received amazing inspiration from a sister. Thank you, you know who you are ; -) That experience has steered a lot of things in my soul and brought tremendous clarity.

Over the many years of not having my dad I’ve gone through moments of need, sadness, happiness, gratitude and almost every other emotion you can think of. I feel we never totally heal those loses but we honor their lives by living ours with passion and purpose.

As I reflected about where I came from I saw a pattern. I come from a family of Inspiring Heroes, people that care about others, that love to help, and empower others. My father was a lawyer, but also was involved in social work and education (we’ll post pictures when I get to travel to Argentina). And, he was a really happy, cheery person, an awesome cook, and a terrific host. Guess where I got it all? My mom was a lawyer (now retired), possibly shy, lower profile, intuitive, very analytical and she says she would advice my dad in some difficult cases and would bring a newer, wider, deeper sight. A great case of partners at work that complement each other. She also pursued many other careers later, political sciences, and later yoga and reiki. She’s been a strong influence in so many ways. She took me to a fitness class when I was 6 years old, her teacher was pregnant and pulled me to the front of the class to teach all these ladies. That day I got hooked up with being in front of a crowd bringing smiles, happiness and health to others, the seed for the fitness instructor and coach in me. After my dad’s death my mom had to go back to work and made a judicial career. She was public defender ( and sat in the office and chair was once my father’s) and later a judge. She was always a go to person for advice and help. You guess also where I got my gifts from. To the point, I come from a lineage of Inspiring Heroes, analytical thinkers, educators, passionate about being of service.


My family of Inspiring Heroes on our last vacation together. Tandil, Argentina, Easter 1979. (I haven’t written about my Inspiring Hero Brother, but I will soon)

At age 12 I read my life defining book, Beyond Love, and years later I was fascinated by the movie “And the band played on” (still on my top 10 list, because the many jewels it touches on, to be continued…)  These were the sparkles that showed me my mission, to be of help, to do something meaningful for the world. I pursued science with the hope to do big discoveries, that would bring health and heal into the world. Science is amazing, we work at doing discoveries, thinking, we create models that we try to validate or disprove, we ask how what we see in biochemistry might affect predisposition to disease and how what we uncover can possibly be of help for society. Really cool stuff!!!

I’m also an incredible practical, and at points anxious person, I want to see results, I want to have an impact in the world. And if possible NOW! (lol) I’m passionate about health, fitness, nutrition and positive psychology. All things that have supported me in the darkest moments in my life (that weren’t few, I’m a Phoenix). I believe health is a precious gift to carry on our missions. I believe our body is a temple and taking care of it it’s a loving act, because living in a healthy, energized and alive body is the key to create meaningful visions, bring happiness and healing into the world.

I recent years, guided by amazing soul co journeyers and mentors I got deeper in my soul searching and discovered that I’ve always had been a coach. I didn’t know it, it didn’t exist as a profession at the time and place when I had to make my career decisions. But, life is a long time, we can always study more, and new things, change careers, or, as in my case add careers. I followed my bliss, and the doors opened where before were walls (Campbell).

I accepted that I’m not a failure for not being single focused, I embraced my biggest discovery and I accepted my own form of success. I gave myself permission to be ME. I’m a multipassionate person committed to my purpose: to do something meaningful, from the bench and into the world. In this journey I horned my gifts and skills by becoming a holistic health coach, life coach, fitness instructor and yoguini. Hey, what an open minded scientist!!! And it feels so good, hell yes, to complete alignment!

So today, on my dad’s birthday, in this Spring, in this Eater, in this beautiful sunny day I’m giving birth to a new project, a new era: Being the Coach. A time to honor where I come from, my roots, my lineage and my mission. Let’s leave it clear, I don’t think it’s up to me to fulfill my parents missions, I think they have already done a terrific job. This is my mission. From my Inspiring Heroes and for my Inspiring Heroes. And as I pray every morning: Thanks for all the gifts, the life experiences, the co journeyers, guides and mentors. May I be of help, may I do something that can make the world a better place, may I use my gifts for the better, may I leave every interaction having been kind, caring and empowering for the other person ( and may I not be stressed out to miss the opportunity!).

By the way, in doing all this, I’m rewriting my life and the calendar. Easter will no longer be a sad time, It will be a time of celebration, honoring my roots and the birthday of a new beginning. My husband has been immensely supportive in this calendar rewriting adventure. As you can imagine when somebody is absent in your family, holidays can be tough times. We met around Thanksgiving, we married just before Christmas, Father’s day become about celebrating my awesome husband and less about my father’s absence, and now Easter, and Dad’s birthday, becomes a time of birthing a new project.

Ladies and Gentlemen, without further ado:

With Love and Purpose to all my Inspiring Heroes: Welcome home!